Age Calculator

Age Calculator

If you are curious, what is your age? Than try this age calculator

What is an age calculator?

The Oxford dictionary defines age as the length of time that a person has lived or a thing has existed. The age calculator can determine the age or interval between two dates, and then the calculated age will be expressed in years, months, and days. Calculate use: To know the age of a person, place, or thing. The age calculator helps calculate your age in the format

  • mm/dd/yy
  • mm-dd-yy
  • mm.dd.yy

European data formatting can use 

  • dd/mm/yy
  • dd-mm-yy

The international data format can use only dashes (-)

  • yyyy-mm-dd

How to calculate age

Steps to calculate age 

1. Enter your date of birth

   yyyy-mm-dd Format

2. The result is shown in blank

 Your age is calculated as per your birth date till the present year

When you calculate age in the term (yyyy-mm-dd) that includes year, this calculation provides the answer in common terms. For example, A teenager might say she is 15 years old rather than saying she is 12 normal years old plus 3 leap years old

So, this age calculator uses the same assumption Although we know the year may be have different lengths, we generalize between leap year and regular year and call them equal

The same is true for the months. If the infant is 7 months old, the parents would not say he is 4 months, which is 31 days long. By adding 2 months that are 30 days long and 1 month that is 28 days long, we typically generalize across months of different lengths and count them equal to the general month.